• Go Campus: A Comparative Look at East Coast and West Coast Universities

    The Atlantic and Pacific coasts are home to some of North America’s best universities- but which is right for your study abroad program in the USA?

    The American universities and colleges partnered with Go Campus are spread out over 27 U.S. states. While this number is both thrilling and full of opportunities, international students who have never visited the US may not realize how vast and diverse all the US states are.

    As an American who has yet to visit all the 50 states myself, I am going to shed a bit of light on the array of geographical, academic, and historical differences found across the United States that an international student should consider when applying for a Go Campus scholarship.


    The Courses

    Universities on the West Coast, specifically in California, are particularly strong in what is called the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In addition, the proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides students with an array of outdoor activities and travel opportunities close by.

    While most US degrees offer students the chance to take classes in a wide variety of subjects before choosing the subject they will specialize in, universities situated on the East Coast tend to specialize in what is called a ‘liberal arts degree’, where students are given the opportunity to study a large variety of subjects, instead of just choosing one or two. This is a particularly useful degree if a student wishes to have a taste of various subjects- ranging from Film and Theater to Psychology and English.

    The Courses

    The Campuses

    Structurally, many West Coast colleges are newer than their East Coast counterparts and tend to have larger campuses with more modern facilities. East Coast universities, by contrast, tend to be older and smaller, with buildings that have hundreds of years of history. Many of these campuses are more compact, with almost everything from dorms to the classrooms within walking distance.

    The Campuses

    The Weather

    For international students who have yet to visit the United States, one of the first things to know is that the weather varies extremely across the country. The West Coast has mild weather, where sunlight is plentiful, and rain and snow are rare. While the weather on the West Coast is therefore dryer, it can get very hot in the summer months, and locals tend to leave during those months to avoid the harsh sun!

    Comparatively, on the East Coast, locals will experience four very distinct seasons, getting a full dose of blazing hot summers, mild and breezy autumns, dangerously cold winters, and springs with flowers in full bloom. For international students not used to seasonal years, studying abroad at an East Coast university is a fun way to experience this lifestyle.

    The Weather

    Regardless of the perks that come with courses, campuses, and weather, international students looking to study abroad on a Go Campus scholarship should discuss their expectations and goals for university study, considering all options before jumping onto the long-haul flight.

    Go Campus is unique because it guarantees 9 international scholarship offers, across a variety of universities, offering some of the best study abroad programs. Go Campus provides internationals the chance to receive an American education at an affordable price, while giving you the ability to decide for yourself exactly what kind of university experience you are looking for. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and start doing your research now!

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