• Internationalisation Mantra from The Managing Director’s Desk

    With increasing number of MNC’s and everyone’s desire to be a part of one and achieve a high standard of living, gaining a multi-cultural experience and ability to survive in a global market and organisations have become integral skills.

    ‘Internationalisation has become a mantra in higher education’

    The above as mentioned by University World News, brings light upon the increasing demand of global needs from the upcoming youth across the globe. Today attaining quality education definitely has an impact on your goals and path-way to attain that goal.  The major reason for this is, the school does not only play a vital role in the learning today but also skill development. A world-class education is what the students aspire and the parent’s desire for their wards.

    Most of the American Universities ensure to make their campuses more diverse by enrolling students from various origins and by giving them world-class facilities on the University campus. Thus, students and their parents cannot forgo the quality of education on these campuses. Work and study in USA is becoming quite a popular option, thus students can also work on campus for the hours allowed as per F1 visa guidelines. Developing this global understanding becomes quite necessary. The next best thing to ensure this is that, the students also have the opportunity to explore their skills by gaining international experience by utilising work permit opportunities.

    Along with increasing demand for international education, we cannot overlook the preparedness in terms financial resources. And a scholarship can be a great support. For the parents who desire a global education experience for their wards and students who want to be a part of the international world and want to chase their American dream, our Go Campus Academic Program can prove to be a Gateway.

    We specialise in scholarships, thus GUARANTEE scholarship to study in USA for students going on our GoCampus Academic Program! This scholarship includes the tuition, housing (on campus) and food.

    Application to universities in America is quite rigorous. And we make your process smoother by assisting you in the entire application process. We develop a customised profile for student so that the students profile matches closely to an American University’s philosophy and recruiting goals. These universities provide state of art facilities on campus. USA Universities place a value on the whole person, although academics are important.

    And we can guide you to get there!

    Best Wishes,

    Ms Anjum Rajan

    Managing Director, GoCampus, Vira International Pvt Ltd