• Eligibility + Benefits

    Eligibility + Benefits

    Students must be between 18 and 30 years old.

    We accept students that are currently completing or have finished their A-level / Higher as well as those who have already begun or completed their bachelor’s degree.

    Students should have completed or in the final year of A Level/High School.
    Go Campus also accepts students who have enrolled or completed their bachelor’s degree.
    We do not insist that students have a brilliant academic performance, but we will need a detailed CV outlining your strengths and achievements in academic and extracurricular fields.

    American universities accept applications for admissions for semester beginning in August (Fall) or January (Spring).

    Benefits: Our Scholarship Guarantee

    For years, studying in the U.S. has been portrayed as expensive and out of reach for many. However, due to our network and association with Go Campus we can GUARANTEE that you will receive at least NINE scholarships or you receive a full refund on our fee. You will also discover that in many cases it will be a lower cost option than studying in the U.K, Europe, Australia or other countries across the world.The schools we have previously obtained scholarships have had a total annual costs (before scholarships) ranging from between USD $16,000 to $45,000 including tuition, housing, and food.

    You can be a part of a unique, wholly American experience and choose your academic goal, experiment with your creative and intellectual talent and do what motivates and brings out the best in you. Universities have a diverse, committed faculty and a stimulating educational environment. Degrees from American universities open windows to a variety of rewarding and challenging careers.

    Most students who finish graduation in the U.S. prefer to do a Master’s degree over a PhD, because it offers them flexibility of programs and the ability to finish the course in a limited time.

    Master’s degrees are awarded for professional courses in a variety of subjects and open up new avenues for careers in several occupations. Masters can be obtained for academic courses like Arts as well as practical courses, like Performing Arts.

    If you’re planning to pursue further education in the United States, but are limited by time and/or finances, a Master’s degree may be a great choice for you. There are many programs to choose from and if you require financial help and guidance Go Campus is always there to help with a scholarship guarantee and other assistance.