• List of questions and answer

    List of questions and answer

    Am I guaranteed scholarships with the Go Campus program
    Yes. In the unlikely event that we cannot obtain 9 scholarship offers for the student we will refund the entire fee.


    How many universities participate in the program
    Up until now around 100 universities participate in the program however our list of institutions participating is growing every month.


    When does the semester start
    Fall semester commences in August and spring semester in January.


    How are the scholarships awarded
    Scholarships are awarded based upon each student’s academic potential, application and file, the institution’s recruitment needs, their diversity objectives and the scholarship funds available.


    How long does the scholarship last
    Scholarships are maintained for the duration of the academic career unless there are disciplinary problems or extremely poor academic performance.


    Can I participate in the programme if I’m not fluent in English
    Yes. If you do not have sufficient English skills, you can attend the ESL course (English as a Second Language). This also gives you the opportunity to improve your English skills.


    Can I transfer from my current university to the university in the U.S
    Yes, whether you want to transfer courses from your university to a university in the US or from a US university to another US university then we can help you out. However each subject has to be assessed to establish it’s equivalence with the American system.


    For how long is my scholarship valid
    Your scholarship is valid for entire time you plan to spend studying in the USA. If you wish to delay your acceptance we can hold the offer open for up to 1 year.


    What type of visa do I need for studying in the USA
    Once you have been offered a scholarship from a university, you must have a student visa to travel to that university. Work Play USA will provide you with all the necessary documents to be delivered to the U.S. embassy. The educational institution issues the I-20 form (a visa certificate). This document is personal and issued to obtain statutory visa to your stay.


    Am I allowed to work in the U.S
    Each school has its own rules in relation to this matter, and the student can work as long as they follow the guidelines set by the U.S. government regarding international students. Currently international students can legally work up to 20 hours per week.


    What is the TOEFL test
    The TOEFL test is an English language test all North American universities require foreign students to pass. This to ensure that foreign students’ English level is high enough to attend classes. The test can be taken in most European countries and all the universities do not necessarily require the same score.


    Is the TOEFL test a requirement
    If the student has sufficient English skills, this shall be proved by a TOEFL test. If not, the student must participate in the ESL course (English as a Second Language). The TOEFL test has to be passed preferably before applying. If you choose a university that requires a higher score in the TOEFL test than you already have, your scholarship will be reserved for you until you pass the TOEFL test with the required score.


    When is the application deadline
    The deadline for the fall semester (starting in August) is April 15th, and for the spring semester (starting in January) it is September 15th.


    What documents do you need me to provide
    The following documents are to be presented by the student for their file:
    » Signed Contract.
    » Complete Go Campus Application Form.
    » Go Campus Counseling Interview.
    » Go Campus Certificate of Health.
    » Resume.
    » Passport Copy.
    » High School transcript (original or certified copy) translated into English.
    » Official TOEFL or IELTS test if English is not your first language.
    » Two letters of recommendation from High School, College professor or Employer.
    » Personal Essay. The participant should write an essay (250 words minimum) on a topic of his/her choice or on one of the options listed below.
    » SAT results are required for most universities so we recommend and will assist you with receiving these.