• Mission


    Our mission is to foster international understanding through educational and cross-cultural programs, with the aim of encouraging International Students to embrace the concept of global citizenship.

    Go Campus Program Benefits

    • Introduction to the specific North American educational system and campus life.
    • Go Campus utilizes its large network of partner institutions to locate suitable university options and scholarship opportunities traditionally limited to North American residents.
    • The Program secures university options based upon the following criteria: areas of study, geographic region, social factors, size, institutional ranking, campus life and yearly costs defined by the participant.
    • Participants can begin or continue with an undergraduate or graduate degree path in the United States or Canada. English as a Second Language (ESL) study may also be pursued.
    • The Program presents several university options/scholarships compatible with each student’s qualifications and goals.
    • Personal assistance at every step of the screening and admission process.
    • The Program provides no financial risk to the participant. If the student is not presented with suitable university choices/options, a full refund is provided.