• How to Apply

    How to Apply

    The Application Process: A Step by Step guide

    • Student completes basic application: [$600. If for any reason a full scholarship report cannot be provided or we will not be able to accept you on program this will be refunded.]
    • We will then complete an interview with each student.
    • Once you have been accepted we will assist in the creation of a customized profile to assist with gaining the best scholarships possible.
    • An academic file for each candidate will be sent to a selection of universities who will then determine the amount of scholarship to award to the participant based upon their evaluation of the candidate and institutional objectives.
    • Introducing the participant’s profile and personal contact with the universities’ admission departments by Go Campus College Relations Department in the U.S.
    • Evaluation of the objectives and characteristics of the participant by each university to determine the amount of scholarship to award.
    • Informing the participant about personal scholarship offerings (Scholarship Report).
    • Decision making process by the participant.
    • Beginning the university admission process.
    • Obtaining the I-20 document and guidance in obtaining the student’s visa.
    • Departure to the US.