• Participating Institutions

    Participating Institutions

    Go Campus works with colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. We are able to choose the best for you as we understand your preferences and are able pick schools that are the nearest match for your personality and career goals.

    Most of our partner schools have obtained recognitions and awards from the following organizations: The Princeton Review: Best Colleges, US News and World Report: America’s Best Colleges, The Templeton Guide: Colleges That Encourage Character Development, The Barron’s 300: Best Buys in College Education, & CLA Learning Report.

    Whether you are in New York or San Francisco or at a university deep in the heart of America, Campus life is exciting, fun, full of learning and an experience that you will cherish.

    Colleges and universities are different only in terms of size and variety of courses they offer, but the quality of education is uniformly high. Several colleges can be located in a university campus enabling students to move within the campus to pursue their studies.

    The Campus dream remains unchanged!

    Below is a map highlighting the locations in which our GoCampus students have received scholarships:

    While it is not possible to guarantee, GoCampus will focus on certain locations if this is your preference.

    We only work with full 4 year Universities (not 2 year associate degree colleges) that offer housing and can provide a full ‘campus’ experience.

    Examples of universities that have offered scholarships to our international students before:

    Concordia College – New York
    Maryville University – Missouri
    Upper Iowa University – Iowa
    Columbia College – Missouri
    Bloomfield College – New Jersey

    The schools we have previously obtained scholarships at have had total annual costs (before scholarships) from USD $16,000 to $45,000 including tuition, housing, and meals.