• About Go Campus

    About Go Campus

    Vira International, a Go Campus associate, has offices in India and the U.K and has business interests in International Recruitment, Training, in the Hospitality and Healthcare domain and our clients include some of the most renowned names in their industry.

    Vira International was founded in 1970 in India, and is registered with the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. Our company’s success in recruitment and consultancy for over four decades with global majors in health care, hospitality, restaurant and food chains and construction has given it a leading edge in human resources.

    Our association with Go Campus will prepare students from India and the U.K to face the challenges in an increasingly borderless world. In time as a larger numbers of students come out of schools and aspire to be among the best in their chosen fields, Vira International is there to hold their hands and guide them to their goal.

    We select university options based on each candidate’s personal preference for field of study, geographic region, social factors, size, prestige, campus life, career goals, religious affiliation and yearly costs.

    We work closely with colleges and universities located across the United States and Canada in the development of their international student body. North American universities understand the value that a multi-cultural student body adds to the campus community and classroom experience and are, therefore, willing to offer special scholarships to attract Go Campus candidates.

    We screen, select and prepare international students for admissions to North American colleges and universities. Our scholarship opportunities for international students of varying academic and standards are unmatched in the field.